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SURE is an acronym for my parenting philosophy. It stands for Self-Honoring, Unique, Respectful, and Empathic. 

As parents we need to know ourselves deeply and meet our needs in order to show up best for our kids and meet our goals for our parenting. 

We need to understand the unique brains of ourselves, our children, and our partner (or co-parent) and use that knowledge to create strategies that meet them where they are now and lead to learning and growth. 

Respect is the basis for every interaction we engage in. We respect our children and ourselves. We raise them in an environment where they see, hear, and experience respect, where it is normal and natural and typical to be respectful and to hold boundaries to make sure those we let around us are respectful too. 

Empathy is essential when you're aiming to meet the attachment needs of a child. Emotional attunement allows us to see the world through the child's eyes and collaborate with them so we are able to work together to reach our goals in parenting. 


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My degree is in Elementary Education with additional certification in Early Childhood Education. I then completed Trust Based Relational Intervention Training through the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, Trauma Informed Parenting, and continued education through The Institute of Child Psychology in Attachment, Trauma, and Healing. 


My focus is child development, secure attachment, and creating healthy homes free of the childhood trauma many of us faced. 

I'm inspired by the thousands of parents who are working to do for their children what their parents didn't have the tools to do for them. The scientifically informed and evidence based parenting practices that I teach in SURE Parenting are able to be applied to children of all ages to foster the kind of relationship that leads to all of the other wonderful goals you have for your children.

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S.U.R.E. Parenting: Building Blocks to Create Their Best Childhood

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I am a wife, mom, teacher, and mentor.

Professionally, my degree is in Elementary Education with additional studies in Early Childhood Education. My focus was (and is) child development and child psychology. 

Personally, I have overcome a volatile childhood and rewired my brain to eliminate strong triggers and harmful patterns so I could become the mother I wanted to be. I use these experiences to guide other parents through the journey towards a more peaceful enjoyable relationship with their children. 

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Discovering the SURE Parent Within
52 prompts to learn, heal, and grow as a self-honoring, unique, respectful, and empathic parent

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