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This book is written with the busy mom in mind. Each chapter represents one of the Building Blocks and can be read independently if reading the whole book in one go is too much. 

First you'll start with my background to get an idea of who I am, then we'll discuss your goals for your kids, how to parent to reach those goals, what skills you need to parent those ways, how to develop those skills, and the key to it all. 

This book is designed to empower you to actively create the family you desire with the 4 pillars of Self Honor, Uniqueness, Respect, and Empathy. 

S.U.R.E. Parenting: Building Blocks to Create Their Best Childhood

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Personable and easy to read, this book will encourage you to create the changes you're wanting to see in your family relationships. 


    I'll mail you 1 paperback book, signed by me via media mail. 

  • Please allow 1-2 business days for shipping and 3-7 for delivery based on USPS. Please contact me for out-of-country shipping or find our listing on Amazon to have it printed and shipped in your country. 

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