• 4 Group Coaching Sessions a month, with some bonus weeks!
  • Learn to reframe your triggers with an understanding of child development and brain uniquenesses
  • Work at your own pace - whether 5 minutes a day, or hours per week.

  • Stay as long or short as you need.

  • Know I have your back so you don't fall into old cycles when things are stressful in your life.

  • Weekly Q&As based on the 4 Pillars of SURE - self-honor, uniqueness, respect, and empathy

  • Customized trainings based on your needs.

  • Book discussions and recommendations

  • 2 choices - Saturday OR Thursday group

  • Calls start at 10am MTN and can go as late as 12pm


*Cancel any time

Scroll to the subscription and purchase. You can schedule your 1st "meeting" any time and I'll send you the link to the group where the Training Links will be posted monthly!