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photo of Sami bell smiling
Hi! I'm Sami

I am a parenting consultant.

I am actually not here to tell you how to parent.


I am here to listen.

I am here to hear where you are hitting stumbling blocks and decipher ways to overcome them.

I am here to share research, ideas, information, and perspective.


If you would like, I will help you heal your past so you can be fully present in the now with your child.

If you would like, I will help you reconnect with your child, garner respect, and elicit cooperation.

I’m your mentor, not your boss.

This is about you, not me.


I help you see the path you need to follow to attain your parenting goals, create action steps you can achieve, and provide support and guidance while you make the changes that create a better childhood for your kids.


If you are ready to make a change, message me below and we will discuss your unique situation and design the program that fits best for your family.


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