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Re-Parent Your Inner Child

Harnessing The Inner Healer for Inner Child and Inner Critic Alignment, Integration, and Security


Presented by Sami Bell
Founder and Author of
S.U.R.E. Parenting - Building Blocks to Create Their Best Childhood

Sami has helped parents create better relationships and more enjoyable homes for the past 7 years. SURE is Self-Honoring, Unique, Respectful, and Empathic and it starts with our own inner work. Re-Parent Your Inner Child is the beginning of that journey.

In this workshop we will cover

You Will Get


Join Us Today   $50
Monday, December 4th 10am (with recording)
Thursday, December 14th 3pm (with recording)

Are you triggered, overwhelmed, and ready to change the feeling of overwhelm and lack of control? Join us to learn how to re-parent your Inner Child and feel SURE at last. 

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