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Re-Parent Your Inner CRITIC

Understanding and working *with* your Inner Critic so they no longer interfere with your life


Presented by Sami Bell
Founder and Author of
S.U.R.E. Parenting - Building Blocks to Create Their Best Childhood

Sami has helped parents create better relationships and more enjoyable homes for the past 7 years. SURE is Self-Honoring, Unique, Respectful, and Empathic and it starts with our own inner work. Re-Parent Your Inner Critic is a whole new level of self-honor, Part 2 of the journey.

In this workshop we will cover

You Will Get


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Friday, March 24th (with recording)
 am Mtn Time - until roughly 1 pm mtn

Are you sick of the internal dialogue that shames and cricizes your every move? Your Inner Critic needs to learn better skills! Join us to learn how to re-parent the Inner Critic so you can feel SURE at last. 

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