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Nutrition for a Better Childhood


The courage to change the things I can.

That is what we all want as parents.

When my older son was a newborn he had a neck injury from birth, colic, constipation, reflux, tongue and lip ties and was eventually declared failure-to-thrive.
















What I remember more than anything was the feeling of helplessness. My child was unhappy, unhealthy, and I was powerless to change it. I was a miserable mother and I felt like I wasn’t cut out for this job.



I learned from that experience, I educated myself, I switched doctors 7 times until I found answers for my son and myself.

And with our younger little boy, we were able to spot trouble immediately and get it resolved in the first week! It took having the RIGHT tools to be able to do something for my family.















So now, I empower mothers to have the tools to help THEIR families.


From licensed Health Coach and certified Nutritionist Brittany Henderson, I learned the theory of bio-individuality and I understand that everyone’s body is different. I refer families to her for customized coaching and support in reaching health goals that have previously seemed unattainable. I also refer out to GAPS specialist Nicole Henry for gut healing – a topic I am very passionate about.

Children’s behavior is closely tied to their nutrition but it’s often the last place we look. I am dedicated to giving families the best chance at doing their best!


So, for families who want to do something for themselves, I recommend giving their bodies the basic tools for self-healing: fruits and vegetables.


Can it really be that simple? Yes, really.


I have seen mega-doses of concentrated whole-food help children and families with:

Anxiety/Panic Attacks








Immune issues (i.e. recurring ear infections and even auto-immune issues)



Heart/Lung health

Gum/Dental Health

Better birth outcomes

and more.


An apple has over 10,000 ingredients – you cannot duplicate that in a lab.


You need the REAL deal to do REAL healing.

That is why I support the Juice Plus company. They juice and dry 20-30 raw fruits and vegetables and put them in capsules for adults and chewables for kids.


Juice Plus is backed by an abundance of medical science, 3rd party tested for safety, and better than organic.

Best part? KIDS EAT FREE!


My kids start eating theirs at 6 months old based on Dr. Sears’ recommendation, and my husband and I take it every day.

It has changed my ability to mother, healed my family in unexpected ways, and I would love to hear how it helps you.


To learn more and order yours, visit


For more health tips and support, head over to my page on facebook: The Healthy And Nutritious Kids Scene


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