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Does life feel like a roller coaster sometimes?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

ups and downs motherhood roller coaster

Let's look at the last month:

~ Spoke at the incredible Moms on Fire Retreat! (WIN!)

~ Then got sick. ~ Then got sick again. ~ Then again. ~ And again.  ~ And again - if a migraine is really "sick" sure feels like it. 

~ Made breakthroughs with some of my students! (WIN!)

~ My steam-mop got broken, thanks kids...sigh. ~ My kids "decorated" and turned their playroom into a "color factory" - I'll let you imagine that...

~ We did NOT get the news we were hoping for after a 2-month wait. Still in limbo. Ugh. 

~ Someone got into my car while I was at work and took things from my glove compartment (though I had all my real valuables with me, thank goodness!)

~ Got my homework done early and got to enjoy an hour and a half with Chrissy Doolen beginning our Desire Map work! (WIN!)

Are you seeing a pattern? 

Some good, some bad, some annoying. Basically the depiction of a roller coaster ride! Sometimes it feels like a ride you just want to get off, sometimes it's thrilling and exciting! 

Parenting is this way - life is this way.

We have such a beautiful image in our minds and we focus on it to the exclusion of all else. The upside is that we move toward our goals! The downside is we forget that there is a lot more to that image. There are struggles, slip-ups, opposition, and resistance that are part of every great picture. 

If you're feeling down right now, or trapped in a loop-de-loop, know that your ride is getting better soon! That's the roller coaster. It's not because there is something wrong with you or your kids, it's just part of it all. 

success parenting is really like

A quote I read years ago that has stuck with me ever since was, "It takes a certain darkness to see the stars." It reminds me that the hard stuff is there so I can truly feel how remarkable the good stuff is.

Tell me about some of your good stuff this month. Let's celebrate together! 

In gratitude, 

~ Sami

it takes a certain darkness to see the stars

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