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The 4 BRAIN Types for Children I see in S.U.R.E. Parenting

4 children's feet in different boots each labeled with a type of easy-going, engaging, exact, or enterprising

S.U.R.E. Parenting is an acronym for the 4 main pillars that create the style of parenting that allows a home to thrive. Self-Honoring, Unique, Respectful, and Empathic parenting that is. In order to honor yourself, you have to understand yourself. In order to teach your children to honor themselves, you must honor yourself AND them. And in order to do that, you’ll need to understand what makes them uniquely them! One way I’ve found to better understand children is to figure out which type of brain they use to approach the world. My clients come to me with children in all categories, but these are listed in order of who I see most often.

Enterprising Child - this child is a go-getter, action-oriented, always trying something new, climbing, jumping, and otherwise using their whole body to exert their huge energy! They like people and are also ok alone if they are doing something they find interesting or exciting.

Exact Child - this child is very precise, a black and white thinker, they like things to be “just right” in accordance with their beliefs of the world at that moment. They want to be respected, spoken to like an adult, not a baby.

Engaging Child - this child engages with everyone everywhere all the time. The epitome of outgoing and social. They thrive by talking, belonging, being noticed, and having everyone as a friend. These children hate being alone, it’s boring.

Easy-Going Child - this child sounds just like the name, they go with the flow, are generally easy to guide and content to mesh with the family and do what others want to do. They are deeply emotional and crave meaningful connection, quiet, still, and closeness.

This is just a brief overview and more information and strategies will be released for each type. Feel free to check out the Podcast overview version and follow me on Instagram to see tips as they are released!

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Which children do you have?

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