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How to Start Parent Coaching

What does it look like?

1) We first do a free call ( to assess your needs, goals, and challenges and see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. Popular referrals I’ve offered: EMDR, DBT, IFS or other certified therapists, OT, SLP, or other specialized skill-building therapy for your child, a local lawyer if the situation requires, or a doctor, pediatrician, OBGYN or midwife. I often work alongside these professionals as we have different scopes.

2) Once we decide to work together, we will determine your availability and decide which option is best for your unique needs:

A) 1:1 Coaching over zoom - see the photo above. These sessions are 1 hour long and we meet each week at *your* scheduled time, held on my calendar with your specific recurring zoom link. This option works well for those who prefer to carve out a protected time on their calendar to focus on this work specifically. 90/hr

B) 1:1 Voxer support - we use a free app to communicate throughout your days as your stumbling blocks arise in real-time. You are able to record voice messages any time and I will respond between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm. This option works well for those who do not like rigid schedules, who forget what they wanted to talk about during the week, or who need more than an hour to talk through their needs. 400/mo

C) Group Coaching - Create Your SURE Family is a group of parents who meet up to 8 times a month to support each other and answer the questions that are coming up in your family. 50/mo

During our time together we will discuss:

  • your child’s age and brain development,

  • your attachment style and how to create a secure attachment with your child even if you didn’t have that growing up,

  • your frustrations and how to reframe and shift your perspective to better meet your child where they are and help them grow,

  • your concerns and fears that interfere with your ability to calmly and confidently manage challenges, (co-parenting and blending families, special needs, managing schooling, sibling rivalry, food or sleep concerns etc.)

  • how to build the skills your child is lacking, (regulation, problem-solving etc.)

  • how to build the skills you are lacking, (regulation, problem-solving etc.)

  • how to step up and own the pieces that are still beyond your child’s capabilities in a self-honoring way that supports your needs too,

  • how to set and hold respectful boundaries so you don’t feel overwhelmed,

  • how to re-parent your inner child and inner critic so you can overcome the burdens that interfere with your goals and more.

If you want to better understand your child, have someone to co-regulate with, feel more supported and less overwhelmed in parenting, know you’re doing a good enough job (yep...not perfect!), and know you’re not alone in sorting through the overabundance of content out there - coaching may be right for you. You can schedule your free call at and start the process.

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