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Harness your Inner Healer to Re-Parent Your

Inner Child and Inner Critic

For 8 years S.U.R.E. Parenting has been helping families understand their children and help them parent with respect and empathy so they can raise secure kids. 

The biggest obstacle parents faced wasn't just knowledge - though knowing the skills helped - it was a deeper missing piece. As I saw the same patterns rise up over and over again, I created these workshops to empower adults to meet the unmet needs of their childhood. Our parents did what they could - now it's up to *us* to fill those gaps.  

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My mission with these workshops is to give people the tools to heal themselves and free themselves from the cycles that have kept them stuck until now!


My vision is a world of adults healing their own wounds so they stop passing them on. We can create an entire generation of children who don't have to "overcome" their childhood! 

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