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13 Medium Length, Higher Energy, Self-Care Options for Moms

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This is part 3 of an I-don’t-know-how-many part series. So far I have 88 self-care items on a master list, but I’m aiming to break them down so they don’t overwhelm anyone. As with everything, when it comes to self-care, everyone is different. I expect you to go through this list and reject many of the ideas. That in and of itself, may be a form of self-care - speaking up for what *you* believe in!

Some are written for parents who have partners at home, some for single moms or moms whose partners are deployed or work constantly. Some are for people with depression, some aren’t. Some are written for active people, some for social people, and some for home-bodies. Some ideas cost money; most cost very little if any at all, and of course many are free. My goal was to make a list that had something for everyone.

This is NOT a to-do list. These are not goals. One is not better than another. We are wildly unique and that’s part of our beauty. How we care for ourselves will also be unique and special!

photoshoot with kids self care

*Some of my favorite items are linked with affiliate links below*


Part 3: 13 Medium-Length, Higher-Energy, Self-Care Options

  1. Pop popcorn - add fun mix-ins. My favorite is coconut oil, salt, and nutritional yeast for a vegan cheesy sort of popcorn.

  2. Do a mini photo shoot with your kids on your phone - silly faces, filters, something to giggle at.

  3. Dance or sing (or both) with kids to your favorite music.

  4. Blow bubbles.

  5. Set up overnight oats or other easy-to-grab snacks so your kids can help themselves - giving you space/time.

  6. Do some kind of work-out. I like kickboxing. Crossfit, batting cages, and zumba are other options.

  7. Take 1 step towards a personal goal.

  8. Figure out 1 thing, that if clean will make you feel better about your whole home and do just that 1 thing. For me, it's the kitchen island.

  9. Tell someone what you need or what they can do to help you.

  10. Text someone, send an email, or DM - make a connection, even a small one.

  11. Use Voxer or MarcoPolo apps to keep connected with your friends and family in a more personal way if phone calls are hard for you.

  12. Paint, Jamberry, or Colorstreet your nails (or someone else's if you enjoy that).

  13. Eat a salad - seriously I feel really nourished after a big salad.

self care cleaning honest company


Do you find you have the energy for this sort of list? The will? If not, you're not alone - check out the 2 low-energy options in the blog for days or seasons where you are not able to do quite as much. You're worthy of self-care too! If you did any of these, how did you feel after? What will you do again? Check out the accompanying video on Youtube on our new channel

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