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15 Long, Low Energy, Self-Care Options for Moms

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

painted rocks self care for moms

This is part 4 of an I-don’t-know-how-many part series. So far I have 88 self-care items on a master list, but I’m aiming to break them down so they don’t overwhelm anyone. As with everything, when it comes to self-care, everyone is different. I expect you to go through this list and reject many of the ideas. That in and of itself, may be a form of self-care - speaking up for what *you* believe in!

Some are written for parents who have partners at home, some for single moms or moms whose partners are deployed or work constantly. Some are for people with depression, some aren’t. Some are written for active people, some for social people, and some for home-bodies. Some ideas cost money; most cost very little if any at all, and of course many are free. My goal was to make a list that had something for everyone.

This is NOT a to-do list. These are not goals. One is not better than another. We are wildly unique and that’s part of our beauty. How we care for ourselves will also be unique and special!

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Part 4: 15 Long, Low-Energy, Self-Care Options

  1. Listen to a podcast or audiobook if that's your thing.

  2. Color coloring pages with your kids.

  3. Paint rocks, alone or with your kids.

  4. If you can, get alone time - in your car or pantry counts!

  5. If feasible, let the kids spend the night with grandparents to have a night alone.

  6. Journal - black journal the negative or write a new story for your life.

  7. Sit with a heating pad on your back or shoulders - wherever your tension is.

  8. Freeze a water bottle and roll your feet on it - especially if you have swollen pregnancy feet.

  9. Go outside where your kids can be as crazy as they want and you can just let them - or join them.

  10. Sit by a fireplace or fire pit; roast marshmallows or just watch the dancing flames.

  11. Schedule an OB/GYN, eye, or dental appointment you've been putting off.

  12. Schedule time with a counselor or therapist (this one is great for postpartum or marriage) . We all need someone to talk to - no shame.

  13. On the worst days - survive. That's enough.

  14. Take a bath with a bath bomb, Epson salts, and/or candles.

  15. Have someone run their fingers on your back - I call it "tickleback".

mom black or white journaling self care


The most important one on the list really is 13. If you are in survival mode, surviving is enough. Surviving for you, for your kids, for your dog - any reason you have, is enough. From there, choose just 1 thing (on this list or any of the others in the series), and focus on just that, then choose 1 more. You are worthy of love, attention, and care!

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