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25 Quick and Low Energy Self-Care Options for Moms

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

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This is part 1 of an I-don’t-know-how-many part series. So far I have 88 self-care items on a master list, but I’m aiming to break them down so they don’t overwhelm anyone. As with everything, when it comes to self-care, everyone is different. I expect you to go through this list and reject many of the ideas. That in and of itself, may be a form of self-care - speaking up for what *you* believe in!

Some are written for parents who have partners at home, some for single moms or moms whose partners are deployed or work constantly. Some are for people with depression, some aren’t. Some are written for active people, some for social people, and some for home-bodies. Some ideas cost money; most cost very little if any at all, and of course many are free. My goal was to make a list that had something for everyone.

This is NOT a to-do list. These are not goals. One is not better than another. We are wildly unique and that’s part of our beauty. How we care for ourselves will also be unique and special!

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Part 1: 25 Quick and Low-Energy Self-Care Options

  1. Take a deep breath; feel your belly expand.

  2. Make a warm drink - warmth is soothing. (Coffee, tea, cocoa)

  3. Take a shower - even a quick one.

  4. Put your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun to clear your face and feel prepped for action.

  5. Put lotion on your hands or feet and massage for a second (if you can have someone else do it, even better - even your kids).

  6. Step outside and feel fresh air on your face - close your eyes and just feel.

  7. Slap on some deodorant if a shower isn't in the cards.

  8. Hug your baby close - the long kind of hug.

  9. Diffuse a pleasant scent (make sure it's kid and pet safe).

  10. Repeat a mantra.

  11. Look at a photo that makes you feel happy.

  12. Wear earplugs - it creates separation from your surroundings.

  13. Drink a cold glass of water - it resets your nervous system.

  14. Have some dark chocolate covered almonds. (or some other dark chocolate)

  15. Do a yoga pose - child's pose, downward dog, or pigeon are my favorite. Hold for a few seconds.

  16. Take the social media apps off your phone for a day, week, or however long.

  17. Chew gum - there are calming sensors in your jaw. (Xylitol gum helps prevent cavities.)

  18. Turn off all electronics and go to sleep early.

  19. Say "no" to something without any elaborate explanation. Boundaries are healthy.

  20. Brush your teeth.

  21. Use some chapstick (I've been using << that one for years!) that feels good on your lips.

  22. Use face lotion or cream after washing your face.

  23. Take sublingual b-complex, Vit D, Omegas, and Juice Plus - they help you feel your best.

  24. Regulate your temperature - stay comfortable - wear a jacket or put an ice pack on your neck.

  25. Let in bright sunlight by opening blinds or shutters.

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What strategy were you able to use? Which one did you not realize was self-care? Which will you use again? Checkout the accompanying Youtube video on our new channel

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